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Albert Moon’s Paw Paw………
Special Day Cream…..

This incredible cream is our normal Day Moisturiser, but with the addition of two separate extracts from the Paw Paw plant. Not to be confused with the faithful old Paw Paw Oil from the fruit. It treats the appearance of the skin caused by time and exposure,

Unfortunately, this skin condition is almost a normal part of Australian life having been caused to us all gradually over a twenty year period.
But now the appearance can be substantially improved.

Use it only once a day after showering, on the face, neck, back of the hands, and forearms.

Use sparingly, and don’t use any other cream in combination with this one. It is an excellent everyday moisturiser that does more than well-known creams costing ten times more.

INGREDIENTS: 100 ml: Chlorophyll Water, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Paw Paw extract (1) Paw Paw extract (2), Coconut Oil, mixed fragrant Oils (0.3%), benzoic acid esters (0.3%).

As a compatible companion night cream use our Japanese Green Tea Night Cream, or our Aloe Vera Moisturiser, or our heavier Honey & Ginseng Night .

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