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Mum! A daily application of
Albert Moon’s
Lovely Cream
may protect my super delicate baby skin from developing all sorts of baby prone inflammatory skin conditions.

With the same 75% Aloe Vera that is in our well-loved Aloe Vera Soothing Moisturiser, plus 5% Concentrated Calendula Extract, plus the famous New Zealand Manuka Honey, in a luxurious cream you would be happy to use on the ones you love. We take this much care because we love your baby almost as much as you do.

All of these important natural ingredients have been formally trialled on various skin complaints that commonly afflict babies and young children. Go to PubMed ( and enter these ingredients into the search space for yourself.

One application a day is all you need if baby is not showing any type of inflammation or skin stress and you want to keep it that way. Two, or three applications a day if needed.

You will find that the 100 ml jar will go a long way.

Whatever you do, try our Lovely Cream before you put any kind of steroid cream on your precious little one.

Made by us in Brisbane Australia, not made in China and then re-labelled (a common practise these days).
Absolutely free of all fragrances, including any essential oils.

100 ml jar is AUD $24.50

Three jars are AUD $66.

Plus AUD $9 post & packing for any sized parcel to anywhere that we send.

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