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“I can’t cope with the Queensland Itch. It drives me potty and makes me scratch all the time”.

If a flea or mozzie or sand-fly or midgie or any type of biting insect, bites me ANYWHERE on my body, even my ear, I start to itch on my back near my tail. It’s because of the urine and/or saliva of the insect. Often I rub myself raw by backing up to some furniture and trying to scratch myself some peace. I know that it’s an allergic condition that not all dogs suffer from, but I do and so do many other dogs and some cats..

Please buy me some ALBERT MOON’S DAISY OIL FOR ITCHY DOGS.It was researched and developed by Albert Moon’s simply because they love dogs and they had an Itchy dog who suffered particularly badly from this life spoiling condition.
It is made from the oil of a particular Daisy and you gently apply it to my lower back on the affected area, or ANY effected area, just once a day in the morning. For a short period, you can apply it two, or even three times a day to hurry the healing. If you put some on my paw I will lick it off so that I get internal application as well as external application. It is important for the internal application to continue even after the skin shows completely clear.
5 drops daily for a small dog like me and 8 drops daily for a large dog. It tastes good and is totally safe for us animals. One bottle contains 100 mls and goes a long way, so keep it in the fridge for me.
It only costs AUD $44.50 and is sent by Express Post for $9 a bottle.

Or two bottles for AUD $75 and POST FREE!

* “We have a beagle girl who had a terrible itch, this had been ongoing for about two years. We had tried just about everything including cortisone from our vet. Our next option, for her relief, more than ours, was to put her to sleep.
I was browsing on line, as I usually do and spotted your ad, and thought, oh well, we might as well give it a go, we’ve tried everything else.
I started using your daisy oil, and I don’t believe it myself yet
SHE HAS NOT HAD AN ITCH since we started, we are so over the moon,
thank you.
Kind regards” Peter B

This particular order was posted to Peter by Express Post on 02/03/2015 and this very nice email was received from Peter on 11/03/2015.

* Hi

First of all, I must say Thank you very much.

II purchased the Daisy Oil from you just over a Month ago and I am grateful that I found you because for years my Beagle X has been suffering from itchy skin, I tried the usual things from the vets (a multitude of different tablets & injections) of which nothing worked.
When I found your site on the net I thought I would give you a try, and thank heavens I did. You have the magic potion, after only a couple of Days the transformation was amazing, the Dog was Itch free for the first time. I now have a very happy Dog (and owner).

I recommend your product to everyone I know so please don’t go out of business.

You will be getting another order from me soon.

Once again, a big THANK YOU.


& Choko (the Dog)


* Just wanted to say…. THANK YOU!

I finally have a little dog who is no longer scratching furiously all day long! Within minutes of receiving the above order, I read the info on the Daisy Oil, and dosed my dog up, giving her both the drops to eat, and drops rubbed into the top of her tail.

Almost instant relief as she flopped onto the floor…… and didn’t scratch! She is so much more relaxed and comfortable. So, another very grateful customer. I have already spread the news to other friends with pets.

Kind regards,


*Hey Albert

One of my clients has started using Daisy Oil on her dog for skin irritation. I am curious as to the ingredients and research behind Daisy Oil and why it appears so effective.



*Wow, thank you so very much!!! Our little Cavalier Spaniel has had skin problems for years, and we’ve spent a fortune on allergy tests and pills from our vet, lotions, potions and trying different food, but nothing worked. We were beside ourselves not knowing what else to do, until a friend told us about your oil. We’ve only been using your Daisy Oil for just on 1 week now, and can notice a huge difference already.

Little Jack isn’t scratching anymore, and where his skin was so bare from losing fur, a little bit of fuzz is starting to show already. Unbelievable, your Daisy Oil truly works miracles!!! We are over the moon and can’t thank you enough, we would highly recommend your Daisy Oil to anyone with pets with similar problems…good on you!!!


The Freeman Family


*You may not get the same result!


Good morning Kaye
Just a quick note to say that our dog Sid is a very happy and calm dog now that he is taking the daisy oil for his allergy.
He now sits calmly with his front paws crossed instead of driving himself mad with itchy skin and we are glad that he is off taking the steroid tablets.
I am glad we found your product.
Kind regards,
Margot A.

I would just like to say thank you for the Daisy Oil. I received my bottle on Friday. My Bichon had one hot spot which had scabbed over under her chin and a new one was starting to form on her side. I used it straight away. Thank you for the prompt delivery too. Well the scab no longer exists under her chin. It has healed and dropped off and the one on her side has healed too – I got it early. I will continue giving her the drops for another week as prescribed. I was a Sceptic now. I am a convert. And she’s had no antibiotics or trips to the vet. I will recommend this product to others.
Thank you very much

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