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Horsechestnut Complex Repair Cream

Skin Care Cream Containing high quantities of Horsechestnut Seed, Milk Thistle, Ginseng Buds, & Chinese Wolfberry are scientifically proven to repair age damage and restore youthful looking skin, even when expensive skin care products fail… and our Horsechestnut Complex Skin Repair Cream has more of these ingredients than most.

The prestigious School of Medicine at Middlesex University (UK) published a science paper in the equally prestigious International Journal of Cosmetic Science click here to read it for yourself.. They wrote……”Extracts from these species, and in particular, those based on Horsechestnut Seeds, contain saponins, known collectively as ‘aescin’, which have a gentle soapy feel, and are potent anti-inflammatory compounds. Saponins such as aescin also reduce capillary fragility, and therefore help to prevent leakage of fluids into surrounding tissues, which can cause swelling”.

As we get older our skin seems to sag and lose that tight lustrous look of the teenager. This is loss of tone and integrity caused by leakage and swelling and naturally powerful ingredients like Horsechestnut seed can tighten this up again. They continue to write……”An extract of Horsechestnut Seed has recently been shown to have one of the highest ‘active-oxygen’ scavenging abilities of 65 different plant extracts tested.””

Such extracts are more powerful anti-oxidants than vitamin E, and also exhibit potent cell-protective effects, which are linked to the well-known anti-ageing properties of anti-oxidants

They go on to say….”The extract (Horsechestnut Seed) is also rich in a number of flavonoids, such as derivatives of quercetin and kaempferol. Flavonoids also have protective effects on blood vessels, and are well known Powerful Anti-oxidants.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation processes in restoring a youthful look to the skin of our face.

And there are very few substances as effective as Horsechestnut Seed to remove those red spots caused by burst blood vessels from facial scrubs.

UVA damage is caused by life. You don’t have to be a sun-bunny for your skin to age. You just have to go from your house to your car, or an occasional walk, or even stand at the kitchen sink in diffused light. The Palecky University in the Czech Republic (Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry) found that flavonolignans in Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) are potent medicines for the alleviation not only of environmental oxidative damage to the skin cells, but also DNA damage.DNA damage or corruption at the dermis level is a VERY serious cause of skin ageing.

The University study found that an application of Milk Thistle flavonolignans increased the viability of deliberately irradiated cells and suppressed the production of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species, or powerful oxidants) and suppressed the peroxidation of membrane lipids but click here to read the science report yourself, This is exactly what you need to restore the elasticity and natural rebound of your skin so are included in large quantities in our Horsechestnut Complex Skin Repair Cream.

Age brings subtle changes to the body’s response to oxidative stress. As children our skin is aged and repaired almost at an equal rate. Our body, including our skin, enjoys “homeostasis”, or almost perfect balance. Wear and repair in almost equal potency. The Saponins and Ginsennosides from Ginseng Buds are another very powerful force to stop oxidative stress and allow the body to repair and rebound.

Zeathanthin is a colourful carotenoid found in vegetables which in particular protects us from UV damage, cell oxidative stress, and DNA damage, and Chinese Wolfberry has a large content of Zeathanthin, so it is strongly represented in our Horsechestnut Complex Skin Repair Cream.

We include Padimate “O” because it is a sun screen that not only protects us from damaging, ageing UV rays but has been very clearly demonstrated to “carry” other ingredients deeper within the dermis to make these other ingredients work faster and better.

* “Dear Kaye
I have been using the Paw Paw Special Day Cream for 7 years now which I thought gave the very best results. But now I am on my third jar of Horsechestnut Repair which has been a real joy. It is FABULOUS. My skin is a dream and I thank you sincerely”.
S.G. (mrs) Ballarat

* “Dear Kaye
I have been using the Horsechestnut Repair Cream as a day cream and I have also used it as a night cream instead of my Green Tea Cream. There is no doubt in my mind that the big improvement to my skin can only be because of the Horsechestnut Repair Cream. I am recommending this little miracle to everyone”.
J.N. (Mrs) Mosman

These are comments from our normal customers, not from down-line distributors or people with a financial interest.

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Ingredients: Horsechestnut Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Ginseng Bud Extract, Chinese Wolfberry Extract, Virgin Olive oil, Wheat germ oil, Padimate O, Mixed essential oils, Benzoic Acid Esters (0.3%).