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You should feel the relief to believe it! There is no other way!

Constant skin itch can entirely ruin any chance of enjoying your lovely life..

Free of any itch is normally our default factory setting when we are born.

We have developed a skin cream to restore your best itch free factory settings and lets you enjoy your life as you should.

Our cream is called ITCH OFF!

  • Containing Comfrey Root with Allantion to soothe 70% of itches from ANY source.
  • Containing Daisy Oil, our famous way to stop animals (dogs, cats, horses, wombats) from tormenting itches.
  • Containing Aloe Vera. Not quite as effective as Comfrey, but combines effectively with all anti-itch ingredients.
  • Containing Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Combined with Camphor it gives cooling analgesia.
  • Containing Camphor. Combined with Eucalyptus Essential Oil it gives effective analgesia.

We have treated human itch seriously and our tests show that better than 95% of itches are resolved IMMEDIATELY with itch off!

We want you to try just one 100 ml bottle of itch off before you buy cheaper larger quantities.

One bottle 100 ml is AUD $32.50 plus AUD $9 Express Postage.
Or ring Kaye to order on 07 38233022.

AUD $32.50 per 100 ml bottle,

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