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Lower Cholesterol the healthy way.
At last! A food combination that will lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol and
without side effects……
and it isn’t a roast chicken feast!

Albert Moon’s is proud to bring you the news of the latest research that confirms that if you mix (thoroughly) 100 mg Piperine with 800 mg Curcumin (from Turmeric) it will dramatically increase the Curcumin uptake and within days lower the bad cholesterols (LDL, VLDL) and raise your good cholesterol (HDL), and with zero adverse side effects.

Turmeric normally contains about 2% of Curcumin, the active ingredient, so even the best 800 mg of Turmeric only contains about 18 mg of Curcumin.
Not enough to lower cholesterol.
Our two capsule daily dose contains a massive 800 mg of Curcumin (400 mg per tablet) and 200 mg Turmeric (100 mg per tablet) and 100 mg of Piperine (50 mg per tablet) which is firstly concentrated then added separately to the tablets.

We have also re-added the original Berberine from Berberis vulgaris or Coptidis Rhizoma, 500 mg per tablet, since research has very clearly shown that Berberine strongly enhances the cholesterol lowering ability.


It has been known for years that many spices are effective at reducing cholesterol levels and diminishing adverse cardiovascular events, but what was badly needed was formal research. Curcumin has been proven again and again, in both human and animal studies, to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol without any adverse side effects. But because Curcumin has a notoriously low bioavailability after ingestion the dose needed was too high to get practical results for humans, at least without some serious tweaking.

After some serious scientific advice, we added Piperine to the formula because the latest scientific research proves conclusively that Piperine hugely improves the bioavailability of Curcumin, but click on the PubMed link and read for yourself:

Influence of piperine on the pharmacokinetics of curcumin in animals and human volunteers.
Shoba G1, Joy D, Joseph T, Majeed M, Rajendran R, Srinivas PS.
Author information


“The medicinal properties of curcumin obtained from Curcuma longa cannot be utilised because of poor bioavailability due to its rapid metabolism in the liver and intestinal wall…………. the increase in bioavailability was 2000%. The study shows that in the dosages used, piperine enhances the serum concentration, extent of absorption and bioavailability of curcumin in both rats and humans with no adverse effects…………”

As you read for yourself in this published trial conducted by no less than six medical scientists, rats achieved an increase in uptake by 154%,but humans had a massive 2000% increase.

Our trials with human beings over many months confirm to our satisfaction that our tweaking has resulted in a first class supplement to lower cholesterol.

Believe us and just try for yourself NOW!

But do take note! 2 mg or 5 mg of Piperine WILL NOT lower cholesterol, although it is cheaper. Our capsules give you 100 mg of top quality Piperine.

What other people say:

“I never thought I would see a reading of less than 4 ever again. Thank you Kaye”.Mrs M. Dobson, Mosman.

“It really was quick & easy. I’ve gone down from just over 9 to just over 5 and I do thank you.Mr D. Southall, Cairns

“Hi there Kaye,
You may remember I ordered your turmeric caps, several months ago. Well I have something to share with you. I have an unexpected bonus. For seven years I have had bursitis in my hip, I have tried everything, supplements, fish oil, physio, massage, laser etc., but I am now pain free!!! It has to be the turmeric; I have done nothing else different. It took about 1 month, and all of a sudden, one morning I realised the pain was gone. I am over the moon, and I only take 2 per night, before dinner, (and half the time I forget, and take it later). I have googled it, and found it is a potent anti-inflammatory* supplement.
Thank you very much.
I am very surprised, and happy.
Best regards,
Raelene W.


*** Results may vary from person to person

** loved my Green Tea cream as well. Want to order the Horsechestnut repair cream.

*EDITORS NOTE: This result would not have happened without the Curcumin-Piperine-Berberine-combination.

We make it easy to adhere to dosage needed which is two of our 1050 mg tablets before the evening meal, and a 30 day supply in each packet.

If your cholesterol level is already normal you can take just one tablet to stay healthy because the total health benefits of these three ingredients are exciting and very extensive.

One packet is a 30 day supply and will cost AUD $24.50

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2 packets is a 60 day supply and will cost you AUD $45, saving $4.

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4 packets is a 120 day supply and will cost you AUD $85, a $13 saving.

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12 packets is a 360 day supply, 5 days short of a year, and will cost you AUD $228, a whopping $66 saving.

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