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Your creams can be colour enhanced by adding some liquid chlorophyll (very good for the skin and a light green colour), or natural strawberry colouring. There are now many natural colours which are approved for use in foods and readily available, and to search for yourself is a lot of fun.

The oil phase should be no more than 25% of the total finished product and is often a lot less. Start with Sunflower Oil which is more stable than the average oil and good for practice. It also has a nice feel on the skin probably because it is nearly 50% Linoleic Acid. Olive Oil has a very high percentage of the superb Oleic Acid, and Wheat Germ Oil (especially cold pressed) is fabulous for very high Vitamin E content.

If you use Sunflower oil, Olive Oil, or Wheat Germ oil you can also legitimately and truthfully claim that your finished cream contains a wide range of vitamins and antioxidants. If you use all three oils in combination your cream becomes a genuine anti-oxidant, anti- ageing powerhouse.