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Let us start by pouring 150 ml of Sunflower Oil into a tin or heat proof glass that we can use for heating the oil. If you progress further you may acquire some readily available heat proof 1500 ml beakers later, also courtesy of the internet.

Now in another tin or heat proof glass pour 450 ml of water. Purified filtered water is best but tap water is fine for a practice. Use a cooking measure to measure 450 ml. If you have not got one then add one to your garage sale shopping list.

In another tin we place 50 grams of self emulsifying wax. It is made from coconut oil so is mostly natural and every city has at least one shop that sells it. If not, it is cheap and readily available from the net. Use an ordinary cooking weighing scale that is more or less accurate to the nearest gram.

The oil tin, the water tin, and the wax tin, are all put in a big saucepan which has been filled with enough water to cover the bottom third of the tins, and the saucepan is gently heated. In reality we have made the saucepan into a water bath, but one day we may buy a small second hand commercial water bath from a scientific supply house. They are quite cheap. We have all got a large aluminium saucepan in the house somewhere that we are no longer silly enough to use for cooking anymore. If not, the first garage sale you come to will have one.