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Professional manufacturers work by measuring the temperature of the ingredients while they are heating, but this is not strictly necessary. Just keep your eye on the wax. When the wax has turned to liquid it is time, as long as you have put the water phase and the oil phase in the water bath at the same time as the wax phase. If you keep heating beyond the wax liquid stage you can “cook” the wax and the result may be a weak cream that separates. So it is just like cooking. Your microwave oven could be used instead of this process but you run a very big risk of cooking the wax and making an unstable cream.

Once the wax has melted it is time to pour your heated oil into the melted wax, and then pour the combined wax-oil into the mixer or mixing bowl. Now pour the heated water from the tin or flask into the bowl with the wax-oil and turn on the mixer.

After the mixer has been going for about a minute add 15 ml of liquid chlorophyll to the mix and 5 drops of your favourite perfume or sweet smelling essential oil. But do not wait longer than a minute. “Late additions” can make an unstable cream. Natural Vanilla smells great and is good for the skin. Liquid chlorophyll can be bought at any pharmacy-health food store. One day it will occur to you to add some cold water to the mixer to speed up the setting process. Do NOT do this. Have patience. Great skin care creams are NOT made by impatient people.