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You are making a cream that can successfully be kept in the fridge for some time, but you may want to give some of your creams to family and friends who will be too polite to tell you that the cream you gave them has gone mouldy. You may even want to set up a really fun charity stall just for the hell of it. So your creams need to be more casually user friendly. So you need a skin friendly preservative.

It is ironic that the more organic and natural your cream the more it wants to “go off”. Because skin always contains active microbes the process of putting your fingers into creams will transfer the active microbes, which are harmless on the skin, into your cream. In just a few days mould will begin to appear on unrefrigerated creams. So we want an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal natural substance. Because of this we put a natural substance called Benzoic Acid into our beautiful cream. 10 ml of liquid Benzoic Acid is good for 600 ml of cream. Benzoic Acid Esters are available commercially, or in smaller qauantities through the net. If your pharmacy or health food store does not have Benzoic Acid they may have Gum Benzoin which is also good. 12 ml may well be enough but write everything down so that you can make adjustments to the results and do not be put off by setbacks, it is all great fun.