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As your cream cools and visibly turns to a thicker but pourable mix it is time to pour the cream by hand into the jars. There is only a five minute window when the cream is easily pourable. After that you will be using a spoon to fill the jars with a slightly thicker cream. Ultimately you want 100 ml cosmetic jars but since you will have to buy a whole box, any jar will do for a practice, but make sure it is sterile, not just clean.

Check your cream for texture, colour, and smell. Changing the colour and smell is easy. The texture can be changed by adding things like lanolin, which can look good enough to eat, but make sure it is free of sheep dip and other chemicals. Your lanolin needs to be properly labelled chemical free. A little honey added to the oil phase will also change the texture.

The water phase can be exchanged for Comfrey extract to heal damaged skin, or honey and some Ginseng Extract for a night cream that is wonderful for excessively dry skin.You can make a truly soothing cream with a huge content (75%) of Aloe Vera, but once again make sure the Aloe Vera is a cold extract.You will have a wonderful time trolling through the health food shop for “substances”, inventing and experimenting with your own “private label” brand.

If you find a fruit or plant that you like the smell of, or you like the scientific claims for, you can make your own special oil. Just cook (simmer only) some plant material in Sunflower or Olive Oil and then filter out the plant material. Do not cook. You only want to extract into the oil using heat. If there is too much heat you will lose the vital essential or volatile oil and damage the actives.

All this is truly great fun for one person or the whole family. As an aid to charity or as a future occupation. Or as the worlds most fun hobby.