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The worlds best, & most satisfying hobby.

…….and you have everything you need in your kitchen to make your own and FOR FREE !!!

You can make your own top quality skin care creams with tools you already have in your kitchen. Great fun! Very satisfying! Great for your self-esteem!. It can also be profitable if you consider the hundreds of craft markets that have grown up in Australia and New Zealand.

When you are mixing your creams you can stir by hand if you want, but some kind of electric mixer would definitely be a great advantage and give you a nice even “hands free” mix. A professional in the skin care industry would use a 12 or 20 litre mixer and one day, who knows, you might. But all you need for now is a simple 1 litre domestic cake mixer which is already in your kitchen. If it isn’t then visit a few garage sales and take your pick.