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Scar & Tissue Repair Cream.

Our Scar & Tissue Repair Cream contains a massive 60% Comfrey extract.

It also contains Wheatgerm Oil which is full of natural vitamin E. Comfrey is one of the most potent tissue repair substance known to herbalism or pharmacy.

Use our Scar & Tissue Repair Cream twice a day before you get avoidable stretch marks.

Using it twice a day on scars, burns, and burn scars brings the most surprising results.

Use it on the worst itch in the world, even chicken pox itch.

Use it on insect or mozzie bites or allergic reactions to stop the itch. Occasionally use it on your scalp to improve the growth rate and strength of your hair.

* “My mum has been using your Comfrey ointment for a week now to treat her Lymphedema. It’s almost a miracle. It has drawn the skin back together again in just a week. The scaliness and the raw weeping is so much better in a week. Thank you and please send me three more jars”.

Mrs. A Smethurst, Bethania.

*You may not get the same result!

Fragrance free and highly recommended.

100 ml jar is $32.50.

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