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Serious Skin Repair

If your dermatitis treatment isn’t working, try our Serious Skin Repair to treat dermatitis for adults or children.

Cracked heals, no matter how bad they are, will respond if you apply Serious Skin Repair three times a day for a short while.

You can look great in open shoes again.

This simple cream contains “Crodalan”, a fancy name for PURE lanolin, FREE OF SHEEP DIP RESIDUE and other nasties found in cheap lanolin.

And 60% Pure Nettles Extract. Nettles when fresh and in the wild has fine hairs and can sting you badly if you make contact with them. But like many plants Nettles contains an antidote to its own toxin. When you apply the extract, and not the fresh plant, to problem skin, you seem to get the opposite effect.

This particular combination, can be used once, twice or even three times a day.

EXCELLENT for problem nails, elbows, split heels, or hands that refuse to be moisturised, even grossly stubborn cases, and entirely fragrance free.

* “Dear Kaye
I came to Brisbane 25 years ago and found your fabulous stuff at The Pier Market. I always had splitting angry rough skin on my hands and doctors could not cure it. The Serious Skin Repair fixed it. My friend had a similar problem and even the specialist could not fix it, but the Serious Skin Repair cleared it in 3 days.”
Mrs L Russell North Lakes
*You may not get the same result!

100 ml jar is AUD $24.50 or 3 jars for AUD $66

To order by phone ring Kaye on 07 3823 3022